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As an actor, writer, spoken word poet and producer, I seek to transcend everyday life and awaken to greater meaning and purpose.


I love life, and in its many human attempts, try to live it to its fullest.   I give no excuses and provide no apologies for my own unique way of integrating with the world.  I navigate life conflicted by my conservative Italian upbringing and my own free spirit.  It is through my art, I have a voice and through my art, that I am saved. It serves as my compass to guide my way into unchartered waters where self discovery gives way to creativity.  I hope that through my work, I can inspire others to tell their stories and embrace their truths.  It is in shifting our own mindset that we become a force in shifting the mindset of the world.  


I am an artist, I am a woman, I am an Italian-American with a story to tell.  Be brave .... be bold ...  aspire to tell your story ...  dare to tell your truth ....  what else is there.  

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